·         Intense pain in the back or neck    

·         Pain down the arms or legs    

·         Sciatica    

·         Numbness or tingling/asleep feeling

Disc problems come in a multitude of different names some of these are: herniated disc, slipped disc, bulging disc, ruptured disc, and you might even hear sciatica and facet problems.  While these terms have slight technical differences they can all be treated very effectively with chiropractic care.  The technique used to treat these problems is called spinal decompression.  This treatment slowly and carefully stretches the disc and helps it pull in fluid and pieces of the disc from the surrounding area, this process is called imbibition, thus healing the disc without the need for surgery or drugs.  This process is very comfortable and relaxing a lot of people fall asleep during the treatment.  There are some risk factors to be concerned of, however, as long as you see a CERTIFIED spinal decompression practitioner you can be assured that these problems will be addressed.  Sometimes it is possible that slipped disc can originate in the back part of the brain called the cerebellum.  This part of the brain controls the muscles around the spine these muscles can create uneven pressure on a disc or group of discs and then cause them to fail, slip, rupture, or bulge, pick your term.  For this reason it is important to not only fix the disc but to fix the muscles and brain.  To ensure the safest and most effective treatment make sure the doctor you choose has had formal training in neurology and is certified in spinal decompression.


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