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Having a certification in almost any field means that a person has taken the time to learn the very most about a particular subject and in this case taken tests to prove their ability and knowledge.  The certification process for spinal decompression requires hours of class work as well as hands on work in order to learn the safest and most effective treatment options.  Certified Spinal Decompression Specialists even utilize unique tests that were developed to better diagnose the type of herniation, or if it is a herniation, and thus increase the likely hood that the treatment will work.  Proper diagnosis of an individual's problem is critical due to the number of problems that appear to be disc herniations however are not, and thus should never be put on spinal decompression but rather one of several other treatments.  Since spinal decompression is not taught in very many chiropractic schools there are a number of doctors that received the education they have on using spinal decompression from the equipment salesmen.  So the choice is up to you do you want to be treated by a doctor who has been educated by other doctors who are experts in their field or by salesmen.

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