·         Non invasive Spinal Decompression with guarantee  

·         Injections of very powerful drugs into the spine without guarantee 

·         Highly invasive spinal surgery without guarantee


There are several options for disc pain available today.  Medical doctors use a variety of drugs to limit inflammation (a key producer of pain) and to block pain (your bodies alarm that something is wrong).  Both of these methods can work to reduce and in some cases eliminate pain.  However having said that these drugs often times have a destructive effect on the tissues around the spine from weakening discs to leading to the creation of scar tissue and in some cases destruction of bone, muscle and tendons.  The second medical solution to disc pain is surgery for herniations and bulges most often fusion.  Fusion removes the disc between two vertebrae and locks them together eliminating any motion between the vertebrae.  This causes all the forces that normally were spread over a number of vertebrae to be concentrated on the vertebrae above and below the fusion, which in most cases leads to further surgical needs.  Chiropractic doctors utilize motion and functional neurology to reduce pain and restore proper normal motion to the spine.  However in some cases using just specific adjustments will not repair a disc in a short enough time to be very useful thus the use of spinal decompression.  Spinal Decompression heals the disc and subsequent nerve damage associated with a slipped or herniated disc.  In most cases this can be done over a 2 week time span and at the end of treatment a person is returned to the lifestyle they were accustomed to beforehand with little fear of needing some other treatment due to this treatment.

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