Testosterone Therapy FAQ

Why do I have “Low-T” I’m only 30?

When we have stress the body will make more Cortisol than it will Testosterone.  You will also not digest and absorb the nutrients your body needs to create Testosterone.  Also any trauma you have had to the organs that produce Testosterone will decrease the function.  There are also several chemicals and medications that will decrease Testosterone production.

Will I lose/grow extra hair?

Hair loss is normally due to a chemical called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).  This hormone is created when your body converts normal testosterone in order to break it down and move it out of the body.  This hormone can also increase the growth patterns of hair on the face and back.  There are several ways of avoiding this issue one of which is by using Nandrlone Decanate or Deca.  This hormone does not convert to DHT and thus will not give you these issues.

Will I, as a man, grow breasts/gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is associated with increased estrogen.  This can happen if the testosterone converts to estrogen which many will.  This is another reason that we use Nandrolone as it will not convert to estrogen.  If we do see an estrogen increase the medication Arimidex is very good at reducing this estrogen issue as well.

I have heard that HRT causes cancer is this true?

This is a split answer, yes ESTROGEN hormone therapy has a bad history of increase cancer risks.  Back when hormone therapy was first getting started and doctors were giving estrogen to women to put them back at the same level they were at when they were 20 it caused problems.  The instances of cancer with testosterone is much lower.  It is still a small concern and we check for indicators in the blood work.  So when you hear HRT you need to ask which hormone are they discussing and more over which medication to determine actual risk.

Will this increase my sex drive?

The simple answer to this is yes.  We have not had anyone who was looking for an increase in libido report that it was not helping.  If you are 60 you might not feel like you did when you were 20 however, it has helped tremendously with everyone from the 30 year old house wife with 3 kids to the 60 year olds.

Will this increase my enjoyment of sex?

Again the simple answer to this is yes as well.  There are several factors that play into this however, many men and women have reported that their enjoyment of sex, has increased significantly.

Is “Low-T” therapy safe?

As with any medication there are risk factors, however many of the most serious ones can be tracked with the proper blood tests.  The tests are performed on a regular basis for the first 2 years to ensure not only medication blood levels but that everything in your body is as healthy as possible.

Will I lose weight with Testosterone therapy?

Testosterone is the healing hormone.  Testosterone helps muscle, bone, tendon, organ, ligament, and skin regenerate and grow.  This requires that the metabolism in those tissues increase.  When metabolism increases it requires more energy, thus more calories.  If you do not eat more calories your body will have to take it from fat.  In that way you will lose weight.  Having said that remember that a pound of fat is much larger than a pound of muscle.  If you are not losing weight, however you are losing size then you are replacing your fat with muscle.  This is a very good thing as your energy cells, Mitochondria, live in the muscle tissue.  This will increase your energy and increase your metabolism, thus leading to more fat loss.

Do you use Testosterone Pellets?

We do not use pellets as we feel they are not as reliable and do not give the medication at a reliable rate.  It is impossible to remove them and if they dissolve too quickly then you run a significantly increased risk of heart attack or stroke.  It is much more difficult to regulate proper hormone levels as once the pellets are in it is completely dependent on how they dissolve.  During this process if you need more or have way too much medication in your blood stream there is nothing that can be done.

Do you use bioidentical hormones?

No.  The term bioidentical is a bit misleading.  They are not safer than anything that has years of study with it.  It is not natural and it is not organic.  We prefer the medications that have decades of research and have been proven effective and safe within normal parameters.

What is Nandrolone Decanoate?

Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for decades and is known for its safety and stability as it does not convert to estrogen or DHT like Testosterone Cypionate does.  It is normally used for treatment of wasting in cancer and in HIV patients, and of late for osteoporosis.  The down side to this medication is that it does not increase sexual function or drive like one would want.  It is also called Deca, 19-nortestosterone, Deca-Durabolin as well as a few other names as it is an old medication and has traded company names over the decades.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most common forms of Testosterone prescribed today for Low-T.  The issues with Testosterone Cypionate is that it will convert to estrogen and DHT at a much higher rate.  However, the large upside is that it will make a very positive effect on sex drive and sexual function.  For this reason we mix the Cypionate and the Nandrolone together to get a mix that is the best of both worlds, increased sexual drive and function as well as the safety we want for long term use.

Do you use Creams for testosterone?

Creams are not the first choice for getting testosterone into the body.  They all have different times it takes for them to move from the skin into the blood stream so they are hard to maintain levels with different individuals.  Depending on how oily, clean, dry, your skin is it will determine the change in how quickly and how much you will absorb.  Also it is dangerous to have any contact with children, spouse, or anyone as the medication can accidently be passed on to other people.

How do I get the Testosterone?

The safest and easiest to control method is through IM injection.  This will allow us to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of medication and we can track the time it takes for your body to break down the medication properly. 

How often do I need an injection?

We feel that once a week is the best pace.  The medication, Testosterone Cypionate and Nandrolone have what is called a 7 day half-life.  This means that after a week 50% of the medication has broken down and has moved out of your system.  If you go another 7 days then you have 25% of the original medication left in your body.  This gives large swings of medication levels and can result in issues with mood, energy, and sex drive alterations at the top and bottom of the curves, first few days after injection and last few days before an injection.

Can women take male hormones like Testosterone?

Testosterone is not a male hormone.  Men have more Testosterone than women however women have testosterone as well.  If they did not they would have no bone structure, no muscle tone, and no sex drive to name a few issues.  Women can benefit just as much, if not more, than men for testosterone therapy.

If I take testosterone won’t I get really big and muscular?

The great thing about testosterone is that you can use it to gain muscle or lose fat.  So you can use it to get bigger or smaller.  Many people are afraid that they will get too big just by taking more testosterone.  It simply does not work like that.  You have to eat right and lift weights and exercise in a special manner to get large muscles.  There is no need to worry about accidently getting large muscles.

Is it true that depression is very common with Testosterone use?

Actually the opposite is normally the case.  People normally report that they feel much better about life and tell us that their overall mood has gotten much better.  When people abuse Testosterone because they have underlying emotional issues that they are trying to overcome and they cannot overcome them then the depression can worsen. 

Do people normally get angry when they use Testosterone?

Not normally, people are usually happier when they get their testosterone levels corrected.  When people abuse testosterone it can lead to a number of issues.  Also if someone has anger issues to begin with testosterone will not make them go away.

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