Preparing your body means you have to clean out the toxins from normal life.

      It is critical to give the mother the nutrients she needs to be healthy before working on the pregnancy; this can only be done with proper QRA nutritional testing.

This process is best started 6 months before the planned pregnancy.

If you are wanting to become pregnant and you want to give your baby the best chance of being as healthy as possible then you have come to the right place.  The first thing that you need to do is to clean out your body.  Just because you don't feel bad and think your body is clean and ready for the burden of a new life that is not always the case.  The chemicals that we ingest on a daily basis do not always leave like we wish they would.  Toxins from when you were a small child, high school and college can stay with you for a very long time.  Heavy metals from the air, water, food, cigarette smoke, as well as all the plastic particles from bottles and containers that were put into the microwave, and preservatives in fast food and most store bought foods all create an environment that is toxic and need to be cleaned out.  This is one of the largest reasons that the rate of Autism, a once rare and very debilitating form of mental retardation, has gone from 1 in 100,000 twenty years ago to 1 in 100 today.  The next step is to restore the delicate balance of electrolytes and nutrients.  When doing this it is important that you test to determine what it is that your body really needs instead of just guessing.  This is where the specialized training with nutritional testing comes into play.  Blood tests are often not adequate to determine the needs of your body on an everyday basis they just tell what is in your blood at the time not the needs of the organs.  After testing it is then possible to change diet and supplementation to address the needs of your body that will obviously increase with pregnancy.  This process is different for every woman due to the needs being different for every woman.  It is suggested that you start addressing the issue of preparing your body at least 6 months in advance to help ensure the best results.      


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