·    Pregnancy is the most critical time in a person's life it can determine the health for their entire life.

·    Every problem normally associated with pregnancy and birth can be lessened or alleviated with proper planning.

      Just because you don't feel that bad does not mean you're ready to properly care for a developing baby.

Pregnancy is one of the most over looked times in the lives of both the mother to be and the child.  It is critical that the mother's body be ready for the new life that is going to be grown inside.  It is however much more critical that the mothers body be prepared to give everything that the growing child will need to ensure proper and healthy development.  It is very important to start preparing your body for pregnancy before you become pregnant, however we can help if you are already pregnant.  

There are a lot of misconceptions about nutritionally prepping the body and nutritional needs for pregnancy.  One of the things that is often said, after someone has been pregnant for a week or two, is to get lots of B vitamins especially folate.  I am sorry, but it is too late to start stocking up on folate.  Folate is used to help form the neural tube.  The neural tube is what will become the brain and the spinal cord.  Another of the misconceptions about pregnancy is that the energy will go down the moodiness increases and the mood swings are terrible and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.  This is also wrong, your brain, and thus your emotions and mood, are run on the same nutrients that the rest of your body are run on.  If you are low to begin with then the brain will not function the way it needs to.  If your energy is low, your sleep is erratic, and you are moody beforehand things normally get worse when pregnant, these things need to be addressed prior to becoming pregnant.  Weight gain and weight loss is also a large factor with pregnancy if your body is prepared then the weight gained will be less of a problem and it will come off easier afterwards.

As our personal health deteriorates and we become less ready for pregnancy we have more problems with the process even after birth the mother can have issues at levels that would never have been reached with just a little preparation beforehand.  Post partum depression is a real danger not only to the mother but to the child.  This is a state where after the pregnancy a mother is very depressed and can lead to temporary insanity.  If the body and mind is properly assessed before hand as well as during pregnancy this extreme problem can be reduced if not completely avoided.  Breast feeding, while the very best food for a newborn some women have problems producing enough or even producing any after birth.  This is almost always a nutritional issue, and remember if you have any medications or drugs in your system you cannot breast feed.


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