1)  What you eat and how you supplement is as important as how you train.

2)   Your body can only perform to the limits of the fuel you put into it.

3)   Useful size can only be achieved with proper diet and supplementation.

4)   Poor quality supplements can detract from your goals more than anything else you do.

5)   Not all supplements are good for every person or every sport.

Often the difference between winning and losing is razor thin.  The half a step faster, getting that one more inch, being able to dig down deep and find something there when the other guy has nothing left.  This is why we love sports, it is the test of what you have in you, how hard you can push your body and your mind.  The determination of where your personal brake point is vs. the other guy's is what differentiates being number 1 from obscurity, being the best from being nobody.  This is why taking the very best nutrition and supplementation is critical.  These are the sources your body needs to grow and get better in the off season.  This is the biggest factor between getting better and going nowhere.  What do you think your body looks for when you dig down deep and all you have is that little bit of energy and soul left.  That little bit of energy is created in the gym and on the track in the off season by ensuring your body has everything it needs not just before the game but all season long. 

There is no reason to wake up before the sun and work until you want to die every day when your competitors are at home asleep if you are running your body past the point of diminishing returns every time you step into the gym.  Instead of building yourself up you are weakening yourself simply because you cannot heal in time between workouts.  Not leaving enough bio-available protein and amino acids for your muscles to build with, ensuring that the balance of electrolytes, the fluid that cools and maintains your system is at proper levels.  This balance is incredibly hard to maintain without years of study on biochemistry, physiology, kinesiology, supplementation, and nutrition.  If you have a desire to be the best you can be, to have something in you so that your opponent fails before your energy, strength or spirit wanes, then you owe it to yourself to get the very best advice and help you can.  Athletics are my passion, from preventing and correcting injuries, to working with diet and off-season routines.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

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