What is QRA?

The QRA test isolates areas of the body that are weak or dysfunctional. With this test it is possible to not only determine the function and health of the body's organs and glands, but to determine the body's need for hormones and nutrients. Unlike blood tests that show how much of something is in the blood this test shows how much of something the body needs. For instance you can be have symptoms of low thyroid however your blood test shows that you are in the "accepted" range for thyroid hormone, however you still feel terrible. With this test we can determine if you need extra support to be normal. This is especially true in cases of long term chronic infection and illness. QRA can help determine what your body needs, not what medical science tells your body it can have. After the test is complete you can regain the ability for your body to have to proper nutrients thus making it possible for your body to make the hormones you need to properly carry out your daily routine or return function you might have lost.

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