Nutrition is critical to the development and healing of the body.  When the body gets a proper amount of nutrients it is able to overcome many of the problems we face today.  However there are 2 major problems with finding a nutritional supplement.  The first problem is that finding a nutrient that your body can use and is good for you is extremely hard 97% of the products in stores are either bad or not nearly as good as the claims made by the company.  We have solved this issue after more than a decade of searching with the top tier, grade 10 supplements we offer at Chalmers Wellness. The second problem is that it is hard to decide what it is your body really needs.  This problem is also solved with the use of our Applied Kinesiology based test that uses acupuncture meridians to determine the needs of the organ and organ systems of your body.  With this test we can determine what problems you are having and stop other problems before they even become a problem.  Without this testing it is very unlikely that you will get all the nutrient needs of your body.  This is the very best way to not only restore health but to maintain it. 





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