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  • Blood tests do not always show the needs of the body.
  • What you eat really does affect mood and bodily function.
  • Your health can be changed and improved with nutrition.
  • Almost every health issue can be helped with nutrition.

Regardless of what anyone has lead you to believe the things you put into your body directly affect not only the way you feel today but the way you feel years down the road.  Food not only determines if you are fat or thin but everything else your body does.  The majority of the emphasis we put on diet comes from weight gain and taste which are important factors however there are so many more.  All brain function and dysfunction can be traced to dietary issues, ADD/ADHD, depression, memory, focus, understanding, emotional stability, are but a short list of issues that can be addressed and resolved with proper nutrition.  Increasing the function of the immune system is easily accomplished with the addition of proper nutrients or the elimination of harmful toxins.  However, one of the hardest parts of designing a nutritional program is to determine exactly what the body needs.  Blood tests only show what is in the blood they do nothing to show actual needs of the organs and organ systems.  Chalmers Wellness offers a very specialized testing procedure that is based around the meridian system from Chinese medicine which is similar to acupuncture, just without the needles.  This testing system will tell us what your body needs, if you have parasites, as well as many other destructive organisms in your body and what your body needs to combat these problems.  Pharmaceutical drugs by design are all synthetic.  It is impossible in this country to patent any natural occurring substance so all medication is synthetic.  Your body was never designed to accept, process, or use synthetic molecules.  All synthetic molecules are toxic on some level to your body and cause damage.  A side effect is when a drug has an effect on a system that was not intended by the manufacturer.  A different way of saying that is they created a drug to do one thing, however, your body is so confused by that molecule that it changes the function of organs, hormones, and systems all over the body.  Over time the damage from side effects can greatly out way any temporary benefit and destroy parts of the body that were originally fine to begin with.  Just as an example, every time you take an antibiotic it will, kill all the bacteria including the helpful bacteria in the intestines and lower your ability to take in nutrients and produce B vitamins.  Before you start any diet or nutrition plan, whether your goal is to lose weight, or become healthy in any other way, please come let the staff at Chalmers Wellness help you with your nutrition choices.

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