There are several cases where the body will become unbalanced as to muscle tone more easily described as muscle strength.  When the body becomes unbalanced then problems start to come up.  The problems that we start to see are: scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, shoulder and upper pack stiffness/pain, low back pain/stiffness.  This problem can easily be repaired by using the brain to reset the normal strength of opposing muscles.  With specialized adjusting and exercises it is possible to quickly and painlessly restore motion and relive pain and tenderness/stiffness.  In as little as 2 weeks very painful issues as listed above can be alleviated.  This is a very important part of what the neurologists at Chalmers Wellness do.  If you have any issues with joints or the symptoms listed above it is important that you see a specialist at Chalmers Wellness and get these issues resolved because very few other chiropractors are aware of this cutting edge technique. 

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