Blood Based Food Allergy Testing

Many common issues can be associated with food allergies; some can be fatal while others will decrease quality of life and body function.  We see the most common issues being:  Anaphylactic Shock, ADD/ADHD, asthma, stomach pain, bloating, weight gain, fatigue, acne and other skin issues, severely decreased athletic performance, as well as a number of other ailments.  Getting your body tested for these allergies is now much easier with a simple blood test to determine which foods, or groups of foods, you are allergic to.  Often times food allergies are hard to determine due to eating several foods that you are sensitive to and having those things stack up against you.  You will eat a food you have issues with one day and have no issue but then you will eat that same food along with other foods you have sensitivity to and you will have issues.  This testing will allow us to determine which foods are best for you and which foods should be avoided or eliminated entirely.  Insurance covers most of this testing and this test is useful for all ages.

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