Chiropractic as a profession is based on the philosophy that the brain is in control of everything in your body which includes; all organs, all nerves to muscles and the muscles themselves, all glands and thus the hormones they produce, all blood vessels, and all other tissues including bone.  Now the other thing that happens is that the brain and the body form a circle as the brain influences the body the body influences the brain.  The easiest example of this is when someone is feeling depressed or sad and they go for a run or workout and they feel better.  This is the body sending signals up to the brain and changing brain function due to body input.  This is why chiropractors have had such great results with a variety of brain based disorders.  As the interference is removed from the spine the brain can talk to the body however, and sometimes more importantly, the body can talk to the brain.  This system can work together to both build the body back up and build the brain back up.  This is best illustrated in cases such as ADD/ADHD and autism.  A child's brain is not fully developed therefore working on the body to help build and develop the brain is a fantastic way to ensure the proper development of the brain.  One of the other big advantages of having more neurology training is that a lot of spinal problems and pain including disc herniations and other problems are brain based.  The part of the brain that controls the tone, or how firm a muscle is, is called the cerebellum which has 2 lobes or halves.  If one of the lobes gets weaker then the other than one entire side of the muscles that control the movement and structure of the spine gets weaker and slower reacting.  When this happens discs can undergo a much larger amount of pressure on them causing the disc to bulge or herniate.  Correcting the pain and dysfunction due to a disc is only the first part of this treatment if you are wanting to solve the problem for good.  The second part is to equalize the brain.  For this you first need to establish what is wrong with the cerebellum and what it is going to require in order to repair the weak lobe.  Then correct any long term muscle problems that have occurred while the brain and muscle have not been able to communicate.  After this process it is easy to maintain a healthy pain free and dysfunction free life.

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