Chiropractic is a holistic healthcare alternative that focuses on the brain and the spine.  Chiropractors start with the philosophy that the brain controls everything that goes on in the human body.  From this philosophy we make sure that the brain can communicate with the rest of the body by removing interference.  The interference I am referring to is called a subluxation.  This interference can be in many forms such as pain, weakness in a muscle or a group of muscles, numbness, loss of coordination, or a total loss of use of a limb or joint.  The scary part is that this interference can show up as many other things as well for instance heart disease, stomach and digestive problems including GURD, depression, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, and many others.  The goal of a chiropractor is to remove this interference and take a person through the four phases of care which are

1. Relief of pain

2. Rehabilitation of the effected areas

3. Stabilization

4. Wellness. 

Each stage of care is very important.  In the first stage the pain or the major symptom of your problem or disease is removed.  In the second phase the area effected by you pain or symptom is addressed to ensure the problem does not immediately return and helps heal any other effects of the disease that caused the symptom.  The 3rd stage is designed to help all the structures of the body function at their individual best and thus allow the entire body to function as a perfect unified system lead by the brain as it was intended to.  The last stage acts to maintain or hold all the work that was done previously, just like using a retainer after braces this stage helps keep your body functioning at peak performance for a long long time ensuring the highest quality of life possible.  Many people have had their lives forever changed for the better by chiropractic healthcare.  I personally have heard several times someone say "well I have been told by my doctor that there isn't anything that anyone can do I just have to live with this problem."  These are my favorite patients because not only do I like restoring hope I love restoring lives.  There are very few problems that can not be solved by allowing your brain to communicate with your body and all of the problems that can not be cured can be helped tremendously.

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