All of the Wellness Partners associated with Chalmers Wellness have been chosen for their expertise in their field as well as the care they give to not only their patients but to the families of their patients.  In many cases the staff at Chalmers Wellness has personal experience as patients with the care that these professionals provide.  You can be assured that you will receive only the finest care available from any of our wellness partners. 

General Medicine

Dr. Scott Neumann and staff at Olympus Family Medical located at Centennial Hospital They can be reached at or by phone at 972-377-0322

General and Vascular Surgery

Dr. Cecilia Lorenzo and staff at Lorenzo Surgical located at Centennial Hospital. They can be reached by phone at 214-387-4202 

Lab Work

For blood based diet Chalmers Wellness utilizes both Imunno Labs and Spectrocell.  For the hormone testing Chalmers Wellness uses Genova Diagnostics.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

Provided by Premier Reasearch Labs "Nutrition That Really Works".  Call today for more information or to schedule your consult and QRA health evaluation.  214-446-5300

Spinal Decompression

For all Disc related pain I would like to refer you to a site dedicated to the treatment of disc injuries

X-Rays and Diagnostic Imaging

Provided by North Star Diagnostic Imaging.  They can be reached at 214-618-3420

LED Thearpy for Acne, Wrinkles, Age spots and Balding

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