Chalmers Wellness starts with the idea that people should be able to live a long and happy life free of pain and discomfort and full of energy and joy.  However; there are certain factors that can detract from this life.  The two biggest factors are poor nervous system function and poor nutritional support.  First, we like to ensure that all messages to and from the brain are traveling properly and that the nerves are not impinged or pinched at all.  This includes that all muscles are relaxed and not tight or sore because this can lead to pressure being applied to nerves that can reduce function of the nerves.  This is accomplished by way of a number of tests to show not only physical but neurological disorders and dysfunctions.  The second part is nutrition.  Chalmers Wellness uses a very unique test that will determine the strength or weakness of each individual system to ensure proper function and balance.  When the neurological, physical, and nutritional components are addressed then real holistic health can be achieved.  Without utilizing the three different components it is very difficult to ensure proper health for a long and happy life.

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